In 1997, I left my career in nursing in order to be home with my children and my love for textiles provided this opportunity.  This is when "The Torn Veil" was launched.  I attended the Custom Home Furnishings Academy, then owned by Cheryl Strickland in Ashville, N.C. who was an incredible pioneer in the industry.  There I learned try industry standards and what separated a home seamstress from a Drapery Professional.  I have now been fabricating beautiful windows and bedding designs in the Northwest Florida area for over 21 years.



Custom window treatments should give the impression as if they belong in no other home but yours.  That is what "custom" means to us.  We believe in getting the job done "right" and we love the opportunities to make that happen.  We thrive on the attention to details and love making each project as unique as possible.

We will meet with you, design, fabricate and install your project from start to finish.  We believe in being good listeners and providing you with the options available in achieving your goals.

Meet the Team

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Pam Roberts

Founder & CEO

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J.C. Roberts

Vice President

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